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Welcome at the Institute of Chemistry

Here you can find important informations about …

Please, don't save any data on local hard drives!

  • We don't backup any local hard drives!
  • We can setup the pc over the network. During the setup process, the hard drive will be reformatted, so all the data stored on the local hard drive will be lost.

The group drive G:

This drive we call group drive. Here can you store data, that can be shared with your colleagues. Remember, that other colleagues can modify or delete these files. All data on drive G: will be backup every day, so we can restore deleted or modified files and folders.

The work drive W:

This drive we call work drive. Here you should store all your work related data. Only you and your supervisors have access. All data on drive W: will be backed up every day. You can access the backups under drive X:. The data there will remain here after your work for the TU Berlin.

The personal drive Z:

This drive we call personal drive or Profilepath. This drive contains your profile settings and here you should store all personal data files. All data in this path will be backup every day by Tubit, so Tubit can restore deleted or modified files and folders. The data there will be deleted 6 month after your work for the TU Berlin.

Contact the IT-Service

If you have any problems with your computer, you can contact us at


On a managed pc by the IT-Service you will find a green puzzle icon in the systemtray. We call it Softwareshop.

You can also enter the Softwareshop via the icon on your desktop.

Here you can find all the software that are already packaged by the IT-Service. Choose the software you are want to install and click on execute (Ausführen). Mostly you get a dialog where you can choose install (Installieren), uninstall (Deinstallieren ) or repair (Reparieren ). For some packages you will miss a uninstall, i.e. for .Net Framework.

If you miss a (important) software, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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