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Origin Einstellungen

Before you use Origin, you should check, that the paths are set correct.

  • Click on Tools (Hilfsmittel), Options (Optionen)
  • Change to Tab (Register) Systempaths (Systempfade)
  • Set User Files Folder (Anwenderdatenordner) to \\afs\\units\Fak_II\%Orgname%\volume\users\%Username%\My Documents\OriginLab\%Version%\User Files\
  • Set Group Folder (Gruppenordner) to \\afs\\units\Fak_II\%Orgname%\volume\group\Originlab (Optional, and have to be created by an Administrator first)


%Orgname%replace this with your Organame, i.e. biocat or biochemie
%Username%replace this with your tubit Account name
%Version%replace this with the version of Origin, i.e. 9.1, 9.5, 2017
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